The Grove, Cedar Grove NJ, A Love Hate Wedding

Hockey involves fighting. Weddings should not.  Well this couple are testing the boundaries.  She is  NJ Devils fan he is  NY Rangers Fan.  What is the worst that could happened?  Family feud at the reception? Not today, not this wedding, not this couple.  It is healthy to have differences in your marriage. If this is their biggest one, good for them.            Sheri and Josh had fun poking at the rivalry.  We started off showing their individual team support at the engagement shoot with each of them wearing their team jersey.  It was all fun and games until the devils didn’t make the playoffs again..LOL  We prepared a large portrait of them to be displayed at the reception for all the guests to fight over.

The day of the wedding was beautiful.  With all the rain New Jersey  had been having, we finally had a sunny clear day to enjoy.  Everything took place at The Grove, Cedar Grove New Jersey.  They had this awesome little house to get ready in right on the property.  Very well decorated and man cave like,  a great spot for some photos of the guys.  The girls had huge master suite in the main hall area.  After Sheri put on her custom designed Converse sneakers and her elegant dress of course, we met up with Josh for their “first look”.

After some portraits of the soon to be married couple we spent a bit of time doing portraits of the bridal party and family.  Then we made our way inside the ballroom, ready for the ceremony.  The Grove and the florist transformed the room into a  wedding paradise.  The beautiful chuppah and candles made for an intimate setting to exchange vows.


Once the ceremony was over the guests were able to feast on  a huge cocktail hour spread.  Chicken and waffles! Caviar! Sushi! Spanish, Italian and other specialty foods throughout!  Once into the reception the couple reserved their seats with their hockey jerseys of course.  you know, so  no one could mistake their seats.  Once the band kicked in the party was non stop all night long!  We were glad to be  a part of this day and be able to capture so many great memories!  Here are few images from the day! Congrats Sheri and Josh!  And go Devils!  (sorry Josh)


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