Reveal your sexy
Be a supermodel for a day!

These are beautiful and tastefully done sexy portraits
usually taken wearing
pajamas, lingerie, underwear or other revealing outfits.

The sessions can be done in the studio
where we have multiple scenes to work with
or the session can be done in the privacy of your own home
or anywhere on location really.
All sessions will be done by Chris and Dawnn together.
We’ll make you feel comfortable
and coach you through the whole experience.
A pre portrait consultation will be provided
to discuss all your options for the session
including clothing, locations, sets, etc.

Pajama Parties are available too!
This is where you and a group of friends
all do sessions encouraging each other
and having a little party too- wine, champagne ,snacks etc.
Just let us know if you are interested in a party
and we will provide all the details.

A lot of women want to do this
and they just need to find a place that is respectable
and classy and where you will feel comfortable.
We’ll work together to create your special time
using certain poses and lighting
that will make each body type look and feel their best.
Someone once said
– “the sexiest thing about a women is her confidence”
and we agree.
Every women is uniquely beautiful!
Feel good and look great!