Arianna and Paul – Crystal Springs Resort- August 24, 2013

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At first I did not know what to think when we arrived at the Crystal Spings Resort.  We joked that it was a cult compound, LOL. After I “checked  in” on facebook lots of my friends said they have been here and love it here, one even owns an apartment here! This place was massive and almost seemed in the middle of no where in the NJ mountains.  After we settled in we walked around to check the whole place out to find our locations for the day.  Now I want to go back just for a getaway after seeing all the beauty of the place!

We found a nice little spot for Arianna and Paul to have their first moment together that day and from that point on we had a casual relaxing time walking the grounds stopping at all the little picturesque locations.  We hit the little waterfall garden and of course the overlooks of the golf courses to mention a few.

The cermeony was in a nice little nook of garden area.  Great views of the ceremony from one of the building lofts!  The reception room was almost rustic with the decor Arianna and Paul had chosen. Perfect! The band kicked in and the dance floor was jumping all night.  What a great day! Congrats again Arianna and Paul!

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