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Handmade fine art canvas portraits

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Why Handmade fine art canvas portraits?
o Natural Fiber Canvas Texture
o Heavy, Solid Wood Frames
o Stripped and Bonded from Print to Canvas
o Canvas Texture is Smoothed Under Faces
o Stretched by Hand, Tight as a Drumhead
o Wrap Corners Always Folded, Never Cut
o Clear Acrylic Brushstroking Painted by Hand
o Several Coats of Lacquer for Added Protection
o Custom Wood Crate for Safe Keeping and Travel
o Easy to Clean with Windex or Water
o No Sizing Limit on Long Edge
o Certificate of Authenticity on Every Canvas

• A one of a kind, handmade art piece
• Extra thick canvas stretched tight as a drum means it will not warp or ripple over time
• Durable, museum quality canvas that lives life like you do.
• Museum canvas has the color and vibrancy of a photographic print. Mounted on linen canvas,
stretched on solid wood, hand painted with acrylic and preserved for generations.
• When you commission us to photograph your family, the end result is a museum quality,
handmade piece of art to enjoy in your home. A display of your values for the world to see.
• Our museum quality, handmade canvas is complete with hand painted clear acrylic
brushstroking and solid wood frames. The highest level of craftsmanship on the canvas market.
• Why museum quality canvas? The difference you can see and feel. Just wait until you get your
hands on one of these! Each museum quality piece is unique and handmade. What we are
creating together is a piece of art that will become furniture for the wall.
• These museum quality, handmade canvases are unlike any other canvases you have seen or felt
before. They’re so thick and durable you can even clean them with windex or water! Each
canvas comes stretched tight as a drumhead with hand painted clear acrylic brushstroking, a
certificate of authenticity and a canvas crate for safe traveling.

Handmade fine art canvas portraits

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