Portrait Wall collage Decor

Coordinating a Photo Session with Your Decor

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6 Tips for Coordinating a Photo Session with Your Decor

Portrait Wall collage Decor

Portrait Wall collage Decor

1.  Consider where you want to hang the photos BEFORE the photo shoot. In addition to the room you plan to hang the photos in, it helps if you can give your photographer an idea of the size or type of image you want or orientation.  With all this information they will better be able to capture the right photos.  (For example, a vertical image for an arched niche in a foyer so plan to shoot accordingly to get the right shot.)

2. Let your photographer know the feeling you want for the pictures.   In general, this should be consistent with the feeling you want for the room where you plan to hang the photos.  Is it a formal room, fun play room, family space, or relaxing bedroom?  For example, something happy and playful to go in-between a family room and game room.

3.  Bring the feeling you want to the session.  If you want happy and fun feeling photos, you have to show up in a happy and fun mood.  This means having outfits pre-planned and me waking up early to get myself ready, before getting the kids dressed. Preparation = calm and happy.

4. Coordinate your outfits to the room.  With the room colors and feeling in mind, choose outfits that coordinate those colors and styles.

5.  Use props to add an accent color.  If you don’t want color in your clothes maybe consider adding some props to give accent colors.

6.  Choose a prop that goes with the colors, theme, or feeling for your room.   Resulting images are more of a story, than a portrait sometimes!

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