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-thanks to Karilyn at Wonderland Photo, NY for posting this!


Let me tell you why I place much more value on PRINTED photographs and products than digital images. –


Display your art. I always encourage my muses* to choose printed products to display around their home. Photography as an art form is meant to be physically displayed and admired. If you’ve ever ordered a canvas wrap of your favorite photograph, you know there is an amazing feeling you get when you put it up on the wall for the first time. It’s a rush! Not only does it make your home cozy and inviting, but it can also be the focal point of a room or that last touch of design that brings everything together. –


Family heirlooms. My parents still have a large framed photo from their wedding, and a beautiful photo album. I LOVE flipping through the pages of that album, laughing at the bridesmaids hats, and admiring my mother’s beautiful smile. That wall art and album are items that will definitely be treasured items in our family forever. Think about this: will your baby be able to go back on your Facebook page and look through his baby photos when he’s 18, 26, or 40 years old? Nope. Physical prints and albums will last his entire life (and beyond), and are sure to be treasured family heirlooms one day.


Did you know that there is a difference between a photo print and an actual photographMost box stores or grocery stores will use regular (or glossy) paper and print your photographs with regular ink. It’s basically just ink on paper. An actual photograph is created by exposing light sensitive paper that is then run through a chemical process to produce your photograph. It’s sort of like hiring an artist to create a custom painting for you, then buying a cheap poster of it vs. getting the REAL thing. What a sad thought!

There is nothing more tragic than investing in a custom photography session, only to pull out that 5×7 print from the grocery store lab envelope and see a weird green tint or faded color. Color quality is always guaranteed when you order through your professional photographer. If there is an issue when your photos, your photographer can resolve it with the professional lab they use. This isn’t always the case at your local grocery store lab!


Having said ALL of that, yes, I do offer digital images  after they have chosen their printed products. After all, photos are fun to share online and do whatever else you want with them. However, if a disc of images is the only product I hand over to my muse, then I would be doing them a HUGE disservice by giving them a subpar version of what their photos are really meant to be. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. Just something to think about the next time you are thinking of getting professional photos done. How do you want to display these photos in your life?


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