Still debating the Wedding Day First Look?

A BIG wedding dilemma couples often ask! Should we do a first look? It is entirely up to you BUT this decision is going to play a huge role in your entire wedding timeline! If you’re on the fence about to do a first look or not, here are some top pros and cons of doing a first look!

wedding first look

The Pros:

More time after the actual ceremony to spend with guests
Seeing each other beforehand and doing most your photos before the ceremony, you’re opening up your timeline to spend more time with guests, and less time with your photographer after the ceremony!
If you have a lot of guests who you haven’t seen in years, or family from out of town, having that extra time to mingle post-ceremony might be really important to you.
one of the main reasons it has become so popular and probably the biggest pros of a first look is because it gives you the ability to finish wedding party photos, as well as portraits of the two of you alone, and sometimes even family photos before the ceremony.
The more photos done before the ceremony means the less you have to do after your ceremony which leaves more time with your guests!
Another important note here is that if you’re getting married during a time of year when the sun sets earlier you will need to decide between having an early ceremony, doing a first look, or having your post-ceremony photos done only indoors for bridal party and family photos. This is why I strongly recommend first looks for my winter couples especially! Sure you can do outdoor fun night light shots but that is juts for the two of you.

Sure you can have that moment together alone
Your wedding day will fly by, you have heard this before , and it is true!
Unless you actually make the time for some “alone moments,” you likely will not get an alone moment with your spouse until the wedding is over!
I am a huge fan of giving couples those quiet moments to soak in their day. Your spending a lot of money on this day, enjoy it!

Wedding First Look
Wedding First Look

Ease some nerves
a first look is sure to calm some of those nerves. If you’re an anxious person, Many couples recall that the moment their wedding day anxiety went away was the moment they saw each other earlier!

The Cons:

You won’t have traditional “down the aisle” moment

Really…, this is the only con of a first look. For some couples, all of the “pros” of a first look dim in comparison to losing that special aisle moment. This aisle moment will soon be forgotten as first looks are becoming MORE prominent!
Even after a first look, it’s important to note that many couples still have an incredibly special moment as they come down the aisle. I often see the spouse at the end of the aisle cry, even if they have already seen their significant other earlier in the day!
But if you’ve been dreaming of that aisle moment your whole life, then maybe a first look isn’t for you, and that’s okay.
No matter how your timeline works out, an experienced photographer will know how to capture beautiful images for you whenever the timeline suggests and they will be able to work it all out with you!

Other Options:
A first touch or first prayer are great options for couples who want to forego a first look, but still want those quiet moments together before the ceremony.
You can do this without seeing each other, maybe hid around a corner or half open curtain or door, but it gives you the chance to talk to each other, calm some nerves, and even say a prayer together if you’re into that!

In Conclusion…
It’s clear that while there are pros and cons to both decisions, most often couples base their decision on their emotions! Ask yourself how doing a first look makes you feel. Excited? Untraditional? Uneasy? Calm?
Ultimately, this is your wedding and you get to do what makes the most sense for you. I hope that this guide was helpful and gives you more clarity on whether or not you will do a first look!

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Wedding First Look
Wedding First Look