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January 3, 2014.  It snowed a day or two before. It snowed a lot…. I remember getting up extra early to get the snow blower out and clear the studio and cars out.  Otherwise I was not going anywhere. LOL. Luckily my truck has 4 wheel drive.  But still left extra easy to get there in time without rushing as it was icy.  On the drive to the Breakers in Spring Lake where they were getting dressed, I kept thinking of some cool snow images we can make.  BUt by the time they were ready it was getting dark and very cold.  We were able to grab a few just as sunset and a few night shots later that evening.

Jennifer looked amazing and John was just as dapper.  Johns daughter was also precious and seemed to be having a great time!  After Getting dressed at the Breakers we headed on over to The Mill  and had beautiful candle lit ceremony in the ballroom.  Afterwards we went outside, yes it was extremely cold, did I mention that yet.  Jennifer and John lit a lantern and let it go.  Got some great images of this!  We watched it disappear into the night sky and ran bak inside to get warm.  Then had a great party with a full dance floor.  HEre are just a few images from the day.


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