Wedding Investment vs. Expense

What’s the difference between an investment and an expense? The difference is simple: one will start paying you back.

wedding investment

Expenses are typically considered ordinary and necessary.

Expenses that are ordinary and necessary, for a wedding, perhaps something like location, the reception hall rental,

the band or DJ, (get a good one though as bad entertainment is a bad party,lol)

flowers, food all for example, once it’s paid for and enjoyed for a bit, it’s gone.

In other words, there’s no getting it back. You enjoyed it but it’s over, and only thoughts(and photos) of it remain.

Wedding rings
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An investment is something entirely different.

Generally, it means spending money with an expectation of future gains.

Well in weddings I can think of three things that I would consider an investment.

Your Rings, you get to keep them, forever, even pass them on to future generations after you are long gone. Or melt them down and use it later to buy something, sorry.

Each other! You are investing in each other! Of course this is a given.

What else…….

your photography!

This is actually something that is a gift to yourself, an investment, yes!

You do actually get a tangible product to keep!

After your flowers wilted away, your thoughts of the good music and dancing will fade(but photos of the good times remain) and the food was great but the taste is gone….

Again a keepsake, a heirloom that will be here after you are gone. Your children and grandchildren will look on your photographs and share your memories now.

So now ask, is photography something you should pass or skim by on… maybe yes, maybe you don’t care who remembers anything, or don’t care to share this day with those who could not be there with you, or your children who one day will come and wonder .

Maybe you just want to have an excuse to have another party and move on..its all good, to each their own!

But, perhaps you want to have a keepsake and heirloom to enjoy daily on your coffee table and walls of your home. Sharing with your family and with your future children, the memories and love you shared all these years!

I am old school and love prints. I love photos, being something tangible and being able to hold them. And Albums to tell a story. Reliving the details. I guess it’s part of why I love my job so much!

So when planning your wedding. What is important to you. Don’t do, or have something because it is expected. Really make your choices on what is really important to you.

Maybe it is the flowers. And yes flowers can be keepsakes, silk, wood ,real ones that get preserved. maybe it is the food. maybe your a chef and have everlasting taste bud memories, LOL, I don’t know. i just don’t know…LOL


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