painted portrait

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painted portrait

painted portrait

What is so great about what I do..

is that I get to deliver images that capture  milestones and celebrations and just some of the best moments  in our clients lives,

that they can cherish forever and hopefully generations to come will cherish.

Professionally printed canvases,

fine art framing, as well as black-and-white specialty printing, and our newest oil portraits !

these are things that the average consumers can’t do with the quality we can.

They think they can but then they see the difference!

I have been doing this a long time..over 25 years…I know I dont look that

We personally handle every image that leaves the studio. All the details are covered. We oversee all the images we make. And it will leave us printed.. because..

That’s what I do… we are printmakers….

I choose to offer,  what we offer, the service and specialty products,

….Because photography was invented to be printed.

As an artist,  I think that if just offered everything I captured and created digitally, digital images, that there is not the same value there..

To me its more of  a printmaker than just the photography part

And I don’t think someone walks into your home and you say hey come on over and let’s go sit around the computer and look at all my photos.  Lol

I think when I meet other photographers who don’t offer prints…..I think they  just don’t know about that whole realm.. they grew up in the digital age. They may love photography and might make some nice images but They never learned the whole process. ..

They don’t know why they do what they do..

What I love is seeing, is the portraits we created in peoples homes and see how much joy it brings to them and to that room!

They look at it and they feel beautiful!


That kid that sees themselves up on the wall! They think wow that’s me up there! They really love me or I’m so

  It is a daily reminder.

Children will feel loved and know that they are special and cute.

If your not printing it and seeing it daily, its not the same feeling. That moment doesn’t last. 

Watch this little clip here of a canvas being hand finished!

Canvas Finishing


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